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Hofors is the small municipality that has got almost everything.
And what we do not have here, we have it near by.
In our municipality you can live a rich life and it is not expensive to settle down here.

Hofors is located in the west of the district Gästrikland 50 kilometres from Gävle and 30 kilometres from Falun. Hofors once was a small village that belonged to Torsåker, but during the years it developed into a population centre of its own and became a municipality in 1926.

Hofors will probably always be associated with iron and steel. Today we have our modern industrial plant, Ovako, but we can look back upon two thousand years of handling iron. Today you can easily tell that we have that background because it really characterizes our trade and industrial life. Nowadays, though, we have committed ourselves to developing a diversified trade and industry in our community.

  • Iron Steel
  • Mechanics
  • Electronics, IT
  • Quality/Service
  • Education


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